Wet AMD as a Chronic Disease

To ensure that all patients have access to early intervention, regular proactive treatment, and integrated care, and that research is ongoing for improved treatment options. (Also available in French, Spanish and Italian)

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Patient Charter

Each day world-wide, thousands of people are newly diagnosed with macular disease and the numbers are ever increasing in a dramatic way. This must be considered in health sector policy development and in public health programs. People living with macular disease (MD) have, to the maximum extent they wish, the right to self-determination and an active, informed voice in their life journey with macular disease. The MD Patient Charter is a road map for that patient life journey – written by patients, for patients.

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Our newsletters provide the latest information and expert advice for those affected by macular disease. News You Can Use provides vital information on treatments, research, low vision rehabilitation and living well despite the challenges of macular degeneration.

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