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For our latest news please go to our news articles. Our Resources contain Articles on AMD along with our Campaign Reports that are published every other year to support our members with their campaigning activities and address major issues relating to AMD.

If you are a journalist visiting this part of our website please also have a look at the Media Kit where you will find logos, graphics, our key messages, press contact details and other useful information.

With your help we are able to generate awareness and understanding of AMD; promote the importance of education, early detection, knowledge of treatment and rehabilitation options; and help preserve vision and improve the quality of life of the millions of individuals affected by AMD.

Medical developments have become big news, with international wire services and worldwide web sources providing a steady stream of story ideas and abstracts. Unfortunately, in the world of wires and webs, there is no mechanism in place for ensuring truth and accuracy, nor quality control. Scientific findings taken out of context, misinterpreted data, announcements of false medical breakthroughs, or unsubstantiated recommendations regarding the latest in AMD treatments and prevention become sources of hopes and expectations raised and then shattered. With the assistance of a core group of prominent scientific advisors, the AMD Alliance International provides up-to-date and quality-assured background information, brochures, alerts, and position statements on AMD and vision loss.

All media inquiries should be directed by email to info@amdalliance.org or by phone to +44 115 935 2100


AMD Alliance International is not a medical organisation, therefore we can only provide general information that is not intended to be a substitute for a proper medical assessment. Please read our eye health information disclaimer.

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