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The Amsler Grid is a chart that may be helpful in revealing signs of wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD); however, it is not a substitute for regularly scheduled eye exams. The chart looks like a piece of paper with dark lines that form a square grid with one dot in the middle.

You can also view a Larger Amsler Grid here.

FIG 1. Small Amsler Grid - square grid with one dot in the middle

To administer the test:

  • Hold the Amsler Grid at eye level at a comfortable reading distance.
  • If you wear any type of reading lenses, wear them during the test.
  • Cover one eye at a time, and focus on the center dot.
  • If you notice any of the potential signs of AMD like wavy, broken or distorted lines or blurred or missing areas of vision, you should contact your eye care provider immediately.


FIG 2. An Amsler Grid with wavy, distorted lines

This is how the Grid might look to someone with AMD. Remember that the Amsler Grid is not a substitute for regularly scheduled eye exams.

Other Links to Eye Tests Online:

Large Amsler Grid

FIG 3. A large Amsler Grid you can use to check your eyesight. If you notice any potential signs of AMD (see above) contact your eye care provider immediately


AMD Alliance International is not a medical organisation, therefore we can only provide general information that is not intended to be a substitute for a proper medical assessment. Please read our eye health information disclaimer.

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