Your Rights as an AMD Patient

People living with macular disease should be able to participate fully in choices about their treatment and healthcare options. This is known as informed consent and the tenets of AMD Alliance International’s recently developed Patient Charter, created for patients and by patients, clearly spell out a patient’s rights with regards to treatment and aftercare.

Informed consent refers to significantly more than the process of signing a “consent to treat” form. Rather, informed consent refers to the communication that takes place between individuals and their physician, with the patient understanding the information conveyed.”

People with macular disease have the right to timely care with best possible approved or authenticated treatments. Working in partnership with their trusted advisor, their retinal specialist and armed with the right information, we believe that patients will better understand their disease management choices and will make a better start towards an independent and happy life living. Before making decisions about treatment, AMD Alliance International strongly recommends that patients visit our page on Questions to Ask Your Eye Care Professional. The more you know about your condition and prospects, the higher your chances of maintaining the highest possible quality of life.


AMD Alliance International is not a medical organisation, therefore we can only provide general information that is not intended to be a substitute for a proper medical assessment. Please read our eye health information disclaimer.

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