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Thank you for considering giving your support to AMD Alliance International. Some 500,000 people lose their vision to macular degeneration each year, and millions more continue to struggle daily with this devastating disease. With your support, AMD Alliance International can work even harder to provide help and hope for those affected by this condition.

AMD Alliance International is the only organization worldwide bringing a strong, united response to this global epidemic. Your gift makes it possible for us to continue serving individuals and families across the globe affected by macular degeneration, and the organizations and health professionals who help them. Every donation - large or small - makes a big difference.

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AMD Alliance International exists through the generous contributions of people like you, who are concerned about ageing and vision loss. As the only non-profit coalition of vision, research and seniors organizations dedicated to promoting macular disease knowledge, awareness and research throughout the world, we are very grateful for your support of our efforts.

Your contributions make it possible to pursue our mission: “bringing hope and help to those with macular degeneration.”


AMD Alliance International is not a medical organisation, therefore we can only provide general information that is not intended to be a substitute for a proper medical assessment. Please read our eye health information disclaimer.

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